Aquifer Quality Analysis – Nation Rise Wind Turbine Project

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The Project
Various residents throughout the Township of North Stormont
Various residences throughout North Stormont Township

LRL was retained by over thirty residents to aid with a baseline supply aquifer quality program requested in support of due diligence with respect to the proposed Nation Rise Wind Turbine Project across the Township of North Stormont. LRL was requested to review the existing conditions of thirty-one supply wells from several locations throughout the Township of North Stormont, including such areas as Finch, Chrysler and Berwick, prior to the initiation of the construction of the wind turbines. The baseline supply aquifer quality analysis was requested to provide support to residents in the event that the proposed construction and operation activities associated with the proposed Wind Turbine Project impaired the quality of the supply aquifer.  

LRLs general scope of work for this project included:

  • Confirmation of the potable water supply aquifer through a desktop review of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) Water Well Records database, where available; 
  • Conducting a visit to each residence who requested that their well be included in this assessment;

At the time of each site visit, LRL performed the following tasks:

  • The collection of information pertaining to the construction of the well (i.e. date of construction, current & historical use, location, etc.) as well as information regarding the aquifer  (i.e. water quality or issues pertaining to the quality or quantity, treatment systems used, etc.);
  • Verification of the location of the well on the subject property by means of observations and the use of a hand held global positioning system (GPS) unit;
  • Collection of one (1) raw water sample (prior to the treatment system such as water softeners or UV filters) from each supply well for the analysis of various parameters of concern; and
  • Confirmation of the following parameter concentrations by means of infield testing from each supply well included in the sampling program: Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Conductivity, Chlorine residual, pH and Temperature, and Turbidity.

The activities carried out by LRL were completed in general accordance to applicable provincial guidelines and the results of the analysis and infield measurements were compared to the Ontario Drinking Water Standards as well as the MECP D-5-5 guideline.  

Throughout the duration of this project, LRL was astonished by the dedication and contribution by the participating members of the Township of North Stormont in support of the protection of their water supply.  It was inspiring to witness our neighbours support the well-being of their community through their initiative. 

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