Innovating technology systems that stay up-to-date with OUR EVER-changing WORLD

Our electrical and mechanical engineering team collaborates closely with you to make the best design selections for your projects. These selections are driven by industry innovations with considerations for cost savings, energy efficiency, existing or new interior environments, and aesthetics.

Our Specialties

With experience in a variety of applications such as low-rise residential, high-rise residential, small to large commercial, school boards and federal government buildings, our electrical and mechanical engineering firm can provide a wide range of expertise to meet all your project goals.

Electric Vehicle (EV) CHarging

Whether you are building a new development or looking to upgrade your existing condominium or apartment building and want to confirm if and how many EV charging stations your existing electrical installation can accommodate, LRL can support you with load calculations, EV charging system options and existing electrical service upgrades that may come from this new demand for EVs.

building condition ASSESSMENTS

Building and facility condition assessments are important in helping owners understand and maintain the physical condition and value of their properties.


Our feasibility studies help clients establish requirements, options and budgets so you can advance on your projects with more clarity and confidence.


Power distribution is essential for the functionality and safety of any building or site. Our team of engineers will make sure to get electricity to those that need it anytime, anywhere.


We support and execute central heating and cooling plant projects while keeping important economical, safety and environmental considerations in mind.


Our electrical engineering team will give you peace of mind by ensuring your building or site will receive the power it needs in emergency situations.


Having a high-quality and efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is essential for achieving thermal comfort and optimizing the indoor air quality of your building or site.


With our extensive experience in designing a multitude of fire alarm systems, you can trust us to ensure the safety of the people occupying your building. We can also help you with upgrading your existing fire alarm system.

Plumbing / Drainage

Our plumbing engineers and designers will design a complete drainage and efficient hot and cold water systems in your building.


Light up and transform your building and site with our complete lighting systems design services, perfect for a variety of different applications.

Energy modelling

Whether it is for a building permit application or to minimize the energy usage of your existing or new building, LRL can prepare an energy model and propose optimization options that will meet your needs.

backflow preventor (bfp) replacement

New code requirements have been implemented for these devices and LRL has the engineering experience you need to provide a new or replace an existing BFP.

arc flash studies

The electrical safety of your facility is a primary concern for all. We can provide you with an arc flash study of your existing or new facility in order to determine the danger levels of working on live electrical equipment. We can also provide solutions on improving any high danger incidences to lower the risks.
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